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What We're Talking About

...Altus Unplugged

 Everyday conversations with each other, our clients and friends, and maybe a few strangers for good measure.

You asked:  "No canned videos."  "We want to see you guys!"  "What do you talk about when we're not here?"  "What about this website? It's amazing - who did it?"   "Do you do a sort of Death Cafe talk?"  etc.

And we're responding. Are we ready for Primetime?  Not really, but we're learning as we go. So be patient with us. When was the last time you watched home movies anyway?

Grab a cup of coffee, or a Coke - and join us for chats about any number of topics - from better communication to the things we all think about but often may shy away from discussing.

More videos in the pipeline? You betcha.


 #1 - Communication Style - Better Conversation    Notes



#2 - Why We're Different - A client's perspective

(This material should not be considered specific investment advice or recommendations for any individual nor should it be construed as an endorsement of the advisor.)


#3 - DEATH & The Indispensable Notebook