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The Women's Room

We're all the same and yet we're also different.

I recently re-read a book by Deborah Tannen [click for details] that reminded me of one of the first pieces of advice I received when I began working: Don't Assume. So I thought I'd create a page with access to women focused content, in the hope that it might provoke questions and discussion. 

Gender Pay Gap 

An article in USA Today shows women in NM earn, on average, 17% less than their male counterparts CLICK HERE

Rise in Female Angel Investors

Why this is good news for women-led startups CLICK HERE

Does Your Representative Walk the Diversity Talk?

New Mexico's Deb Haaland shines CLICK HERE

Superior returns for Women Investors?

"Women tend to generate better returns because they don't trade as often and tend to hang in there."  CLICK HERE


For an alphabetical list of financial terms with brief definitions, CLICK HERE