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Clients in Transition


noun \tran(t)-ˈsi-shən, tran-ˈzi-, chiefly British tran(t)-ˈsi-zhən\

: a change from one state or condition to another: CHANGE

Many of our clients are in transition

Many of our clients are in transition

And many of them were referred to us, by other clients, for precisely that reason. Helping individuals through the unexpected, the twists and turns of life, the events that challenge us the most – is among the most gratifying work we do at Altus.

Because transition is often a time of uncertainty and confusion, let’s start with a few examples of what transition actually is: sudden illness, sudden wealth, unemployment, a new job, bankruptcy, divorce, death of a friend or family member, retirement, purchase or sale of a business, or even a move to a new home or city.

Whether transition is born out of good fortune, tragedy, or somewhere in between, it is disruptive. Whether it came out of nowhere or was anticipated, it can be confusing. And almost always during periods of transition, there are periods of anxiety and vulnerability. Those emotions can have a real impact on the quality of decisions you may need to make.

  • It’s not uncommon for one spouse to manage the household finances. In the event of an accident or illness, that re-delegation of responsibility can leave someone clueless on how to proceed. If you are that person, we can help.
  • Sudden wealth – whether inherited, the result of an IPO, lottery winnings, or perhaps a lawsuit settled in your favor – is, for most people, a game changer. If you’re overwhelmed or unprepared for the decisions that come with it, we can help.
  • Business succession planning, equitable distribution of value of a family business and the most tax-efficient strategies to do so – If you are that person, we can help.
  • Loss of a job – how long can you afford to be unemployed? If the possibility of a layoff is looming in your future, how much cash should you keep in reserve to tide you over? If you are asking yourself these questions, we can help.
  • Death of a family member – it can be very difficult keeping track of everything when you’re grieving. If it’s up to you to tie up the loose ends and handle the distribution of assets, we can help.
  • Divorce may have left you with financial freedom but uncertainty over where to begin. We can help.

We are client centered

At times like these, you may simply need a good listener, a second set of eyes, help in understanding your financial situation, reallocating an investment portfolio, advice on end of life decisions, whether to begin taking your social security benefits now or to wait, a referral for a tax lawyer or just a buffer between your emotions and sound decisions.

We are client centered. We put your interests first. We are here to provide you with unbiased recommendations, impartial guidance, and whatever else you may need, when you need it most. Most important, we have the experience, resources and empathy to make a challenging period in your life a lot more manageable.

Whether born out of good fortune, tragedy, or somewhere in between, it is disruptive...