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With Portals that Work for You

As an Altus Wealth Management client, you have access to several online account portals. Chances are you may only want one, but before you decide, here are two options we recommend and how to use them effectively.

Account Access 24/7/365 from anywhere. With a username and password, NetXinvestor and SmartWorks provide the convenience of online account access. However, the scope of the accounts varies from Cetera accounts held at Pershing, to those Pershing accounts plus  accounts held elsewhere (e.g., at both mutual fund and insurance cos). And if you want a complete picture of your financial life, we can help you with that too.

Setting you up is just a phone call away - or to answer any questions you might have. Please call (505) 977-2000 and ask for Petrita Leyba, our Client Relationship Manager or her assistant, Lisa Gagne.


NETXinvestor ("NETX") allows you access to your Pershing account information and to view statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents online. This is also how (and the only way) to sign up for Go Paperless for Pershing statements, confirms, tax documents and prospectuses. Please note: Requires online identity verification, selecting security questions and securing of PIN information by client.

Our "tried and true" recommendation: Use NETXinvestor for Notifications and our new ADVICEWORKS™ for accessing your account information

LOCKED OUT?  This can happen for several reasons, but it's easy to get back in: Call (888) 406-5444 (NetXClient HELP)


This easy-to-use, dynamic digital platform allows you to collaborate better with us. Now you can see all your finances — in one place. Set goals and measure progress. All without ever leaving your keyboard or mobile device.

See Your Bigger Financial Picture - By linking your investment and bank accounts, mortgage, real estate and other assets and liabilities, AdviceWorks™ offers a more holistic view of your financial situation. This makes it easier for us to help you.

Speed. Security. Pick three - AdviceWorks™ lets you securely share documents with us at your discretion. Goodbye cumbersome emails, faxes and postage. Hello transmission at digital speed.

A Digital Foundation For Your Goals - With AdviceWorks™ you can also create and edit your financial goals and priorities.

Your Safe Deposit Box in the Sky - AdviceWorks™ is a secure vault for your personal documents and information that live in the cloud. You can access it any time of the day or night - no keeping track of a key, no more trips to the bank.

If you’re not already enrolled, or have questions, please call (505) 977-2000 and ask for Petrita Leyba, our Client Relationship Manager or her assistant, Lisa Gagne.

New for 2022 - Sign Up Now!

We get it. When it comes to connecting quickly, more and more people are texting

"Text me, it's the best way to reach me."

We heard you. Loud and clear. 

When the average response time to a legitmate email is 90 minutes, compared to 90 seconds for a text, it's no wonder texting is now the No.1 method of contact in the US.

And that's why we've added a new service called   - connecting has never been faster. With a dedicated number for texting, communicating with us has also never been easier.

Signing up is a snap!

  • Text 505-594-8400 with your name and ask us for a RepChat Invitation.
  • We'll send you a link where you simply type "Accept" and you're in clover!

Shall we send you an invitation now? Follow the directions above or just give us a call. Give it a test drive - once you're on board, you'll want to add this number to our contact info, so you recognize an Altus text.

Clients tell us it works like a charm and they love it. Why wouldn't you?  

ps This also let's us send out information to you as quickly as possible without your having to dig through emails or be interrupted by a phone call (but only if you've signed up).

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about what has shaped your life, talk about your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. We can help you navigate your financial life with greater equanimity. More flow. Less struggle. Greater clarity. This is at the heart of behavioral finance and has been the cornerstone of our success.

Access to your accounts 24/7/365