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Client-centered and 360 degree approach

Hi: I'm Majdah al-Quhtani. And my firm, Altus Wealth Management, is based in Albuquerque, NM.

We have clients throughout NM and across the country - clients who rely upon us for help in evaluating the financial challenges confronting them and to take the mystery out of selecting which strategies make the best sense.

We do this in a very client-centered way because we still haven't met two clients who are exactly alike. This means you'll have a team who will take the time to understand your particular challenges, will discuss your options with you in plain English and understandable terms, and we'll help you implement a plan to protect what you already have, as well as meet your future financial needs.

Those needs can be simple or complex, short term or long term, focus on funding your retirement years  or a grandchild's education, or you may be at a watershed moment in your life and need an impartial listener who can provide you with unbiased advice and recommendations. We believe investment management and risk management go hand in hand.

And if you need advice beyond our scope, we'll assist you in finding other trustworthy professionals. So don't limit your opportunities by thinking of us as simply financial advisors. At Altus we take a 360 degree view when it comes to determining your best course of action.

Explore this website. It will give you a better sense of who we are [click here] and the services we provide our clients [click here]. You might even want to bookmark a few pages [Links We Like and our Blog].

If your financial life has become increasingly complex, let us help you simplify it.

We have many years of experience and a reputation for guiding our clients through all stages of their lives, with integrity, compassion and professionalism. Bienvenidos.