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Tis the Season - 24 Nov 2020

Tis the Season - 24 Nov 2020

| November 23, 2020

Pictured above: El Prado Patchwork - Wendy Parker-Wood


Albuquerque Weather or Not


From Where I  Sit

The Big Event: DOW JONES vaults over 30,000 mark.

BIG NEWS- Emily Murphy loosened the GSA purse strings and the Transition has officially begun. The matter of when the President will concede the election, however, remains in limbo.

In other news, President Trump hit the 300-days on the golf course mark this week.

And in Santa Fe, our Governor and State Legislators meet for a SPECIAL SESSION on COVID aid. $330 million is earmarked for financial relief to businesses, workers and families. Stay tuned for the final details as there is already resistance(to some degree warranted) by the Republican side of the aisle, citing "too little too late" in their reaction to proposals on the table.


Happy Thanksgiving

Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell

Thanksgiving 2020 is probably not going to look like a Norman Rockwell painting, as families ponder balancing the safest way to celebrate a favorite holiday with the risks of the current pandemic. Social distancing and not jumping on a plane are two major concerns of most people. (Interestingly, I read that once the vaccines are available, showing a Vaccine Passport in order to travel is on the drawing board).

IMPROVISE: Be creative - Do you know a first-class Grill Meister? This year 5 households are taking chickens, ribs and turkey breast to our favorite master griller, along with 4 portions of our designated shared sides - beginning at 4:30, there are staggered pick ups, and at 5:45 we're having a Zoom Thanksgiving Dinner. Pass the mashed potatoes and be careful of the monitor!

But let's really think about this. While Thanksgiving has morphed into The Great Feed, traditionally the giving of thanks is at the heart of it. Could this present us with a real opportunity to pause and consider what we are thankful for and articulate that/why to anyone who might be included on our individual rosters?

To wit, I am very thankful to Majdah alQuhtani and Petrita Leyba, with whom I have had the distinct privilege of working these past five years (and I have a hunch I will become extremely thankful to Elaine Chavez for recently joining us). I'm thankful to my immediate family - what would I do without you? (Quite simply, I wouldn't.) I'm thankful to those of you we count as friends - while you are our clients, you have become our friends. And, of course, I am so thankful to my kind and patient friends who make my life fun, who lift me up, and who enrich it in so many ways*. This list can stretch on to Tucumcari, but this is a start. Let me just add one more thing: I am also thankful, in advance, to those willing to put the division of the past aside and have the grace to wish this new Administration success even if you didn't vote for it. (Having voted for them, my 2021 New Year's Resolution is: moving towards unity.)

* For example,Thank you so much, Betsy Kruger, for re-creating my favorite childhood mittens!



Shopping List

In the "most-appropriate gift" category for Holidays2020:

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Actually, you could consider a twofer:

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In the "Good Samaritan" category for Holidays2020:


FEED is a swell organization, dedicated to feeding Hungry Children globally. Click here:


Or, closer to home:

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Or, at the grassroots level:

Editor's Note: I tried to find an RPNM  public service initiative, but to no avail.

Please contact them directly, if interested in learning what might be available.

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In the JUST FOR FUN at HOME category for Holidays2020:

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Editor's Note: the Boomerang Drone is on my Santa List.....



The i'S Have It


Read about Season 4 of THE CROWN - Click here


The Man (and the Myth?) - In a 4-part documentary on Showtime, we see the early stage cultural divide that has led to the burgeoning political divide in this country. Lots has been written about this series, but the best place to begin?

Tune into SHOWTIME - for more information, Click here



A 2012 finalist for the Man Booker Prize - a quirky, inspiring debut novel about yes, loss - but with charm and humor.

An 8-yr old review from The New Yorker - Click here


Anne Tyler's latest novel is heartwarming balm for jangled nerves. Once again, she burrows so convincingly into the quotidian details of her main character's life, home, and head that you have to wonder if she's some sort of Alexa-gone-rogue.

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Parting Words...

My pick for Treasury has ALWAYS been Sheila Bair - whether the Obama administration, the Trump administration or that of President-elect Joe Biden. I guess I'll just have to settle for her words about Janet Yellen - who is also an AWESOME PICK for Secretary of the Treasury. Read reactions on the day the DOW crossed the 30,000 mark fueled by the finally launched Biden Transition. 

Click here


A special presentation ...

First time ever recipient: Petrita Leyba

For correctly guessing 11/24/2020 as the date the DJIA would close over 30,000 for the first time ever.