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The Week of May 27, 2019

The Week of May 27, 2019

| May 29, 2019

You go, Mamacita! 


ABQ Weather or Not

Crazy weather this past week, huh? But it looks like we can count on some warmer temps and continued rain. A friend told me conditions were "near perfect" in the Taos Box - maybe some rafting on Sunday?


On the Road

How about it?  Before we start hitting the mid-90s consistently, you might want to log in a few weekend excursions, even day trips. If you haven't bookmarked this under FAVORITES, do it -  chock full of great ideas, this is a handy resource for what to do when you're scratching your head wondering. Every true adventure has a story...

  New Mexico true ain't just for tourists! CLICK HERE


Scattered Thoughts

Is that legal? In this morning's ABQ Journal


Through a crowdfunding campaign, $20 mil were raised by a group called WE BUILD THE WALL. No only do they "build the wall," they begin construction on a holiday weekend in the dead of night. Fellows...get a permit. Want to hear more? CLICK HERE


A Bull in a China Shop? About as far back as I can remember, I was told two things: 

Don't go into food and beverage if you want regular hours

Never think you can negotiate with the Chinese and come out ahead

So, how are we doing? You might want to read up on "rare earth metals" - 17 chemical elements the Chinese have up their sleeve and might restrict US access to if the standoff between the two countries continues.


Conservative NM Dems and Senate Republicans - After this last session of the legislature where the guy holding the purse strings won the day, can John Arthur Smith withstand a strong challenge? Repealing the NM law that criminalizes abortion, background checks on gun sales and funding early childhood ed with monies from the Permanent School Fund were pretty much thought to be a slam dunk after the strong Blue Wave of the Midterm elections. Instead, it was 0 for 3. Lots of unhappy campers out there...


Albuquerque City Council Races: If you live in an even-numbered district, you have a November election ahead. Friday is the final day candidates can receive their $5 Donations to qualify for public financing. Please support our City's public finance system - it keeps a lid on ridiculously expensive campaigns and opens the field to candidates who might otherwise be unable to run.  You can only give $5 donations to candidates running in the district where you are registered. Please consider donating - it's easy, you can do it online:

       CLICK HERE   


Hazy Days of Almost Summer

 When you return from your NM trueadventures..... 

  This is where you learn about amazing opportunities at home: e.g., who knew you could pair beer with donuts??? Where to take Man's Best Friend when you're both hungry? Rooftop yoga at sunset - sign me up!



The FARM SHOP at Los Poblanos - Thursday at 5:00 - a book signing you don't want to miss.

Book Talk | Hugh Asa Fitzsimons III -  A Rock Between Two Rivers

The book is about...CLICK HERE



Time to add the Rail Yards Market to your Sunday morning orbit and make sure you stop at Song Dog Farm - that's where I'd pick up my stash of radishes for the appetizer above. Oui, c'est tres francais et tres fraiche- but no worries, SDF is a North Valley gem and if you like fresh, gorgeous produce, you speak the same language.

RECIPE: Radishes with sweet butter and kosher salt



Well...the obvious choices are a Kir Royale or Dry Vermouth on the rocks, to accompany the appetizer above,  but here are two other pretty swell ideas:

THE FEVER TREE G&T - recipe - with Beefeaters or Bombay Sapphire

THE NEGRONI - June 1st comes every year so  don't worry about this 4-year-old article, it's fun! And while it may be blasphemous (how do you say that in Italian?)...:



Do you live in the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District?

If you're a property owner (check your BernCo tax bill) - please early vote through this  Saturday, June 1st or on Election Day, Tues June 4th.




This guy used to tell us monkey's brains were a lot worse than lima beans.

I miss you Dad.


Let's Make America Kind Again! Have a great week!