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The Week of February 26th, 2018

The Week of February 26th, 2018

| February 26, 2018

The Week Ahead - at a Clip

We're going to try to keep this reasonably light this week. Last week was a tough one for our country. We have a gun problem. And we have a leadership problem. We need to repeal the Dickey Amendment and  allow the CDC to begin researching gun violence. 1624 Mass shootings in US in 1870 days of 2/15/2018. When gun sales trump human lives, there is something very rotten in Washington. Please be a part of the change we so desperately need.


WEATHER OR NOT...sunny skies ahead


A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS - Daytime at the Museum

Please VISIT WEBSITE for more details - this is a do-not-miss




Click here for details: WEBSITE

One of the truly great food shows and the perfect opportunity to discover new treats!


AT THE MOVIES / ON TV - Why not both?

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will honor the best films of 2017 and will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California at 6:00 p.m. MST on March 4, 2018. TV coverage: ABC     Host : Jimmy Kimmel   


The Big O Question:


For what it's worth, I think SHAPE OF WATER is lined up to make a big splash on Sunday night.


The Wrong Producer at the Wrong Time Award goes to:

Such a fabulous film, but #MeToo sounded the death knell on any Weinstein films this season. 

Call it by its name: SNUBBED.  If you missed it, be on the lookout for it on Netflix or Amazon Video.HELLO!



Fish and loaves, when loaves mean bread...


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who switched parties and joined THE TICKET Saturday night?

BONUS QUESTION: Allowable Agency expense?

 Great whiskey, but don't mix with politics.

Editor's Note: These are pretty obscure, but they aren't out of the blue.



Another revolutionary idea: this weekend's destination is zipcode 1776 - 

SUDBURY,  MA - founded 1639  

"There's just a few more hours. That's all the time you've got.

A few more hours. Before they tie the knot."

- My Fair Lady

Wedding bells Saturday in Sudbury (and with any luck, lobster rolls at Logan upon arrival Thursday).

Snow is forecast for Friday, so the Wayside Inn should look like it does above. Home by Sunday.

This part of the country is pretty fab, whatever the season. Whatever the reason.


ON THIS DAY - Feb 26th

  • 1907 US Congress raised their own salaries to $7,500

And just a few weeks ago, they raised their cronies'..


At the end of a snowy Boston day, Happiness is the local breed

(Is it just me, or does she look like Spring Byington?)  


Mark your calendars

And please: pray for the safety of our children.

LAST WORD: A well-written opinion piece by one of them: CLICK HERE