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High Notes         23 July 2018

High Notes 23 July 2018

| July 23, 2018

Pictured above - Detail from a painting in my Doctor's office


Weather or Not - This Week in ABQ

Still pretty dang HOT! HOT! HOT! but back in the double digits - whew! High temperatures in Los Angeles, Texas and Oklahoma - how to deal with climate change in Albuquerque: stand in the shade, head to Taos for the weekend, focus on indoor projects and pour yourself a cold glass of lemonade, or maybe a G&T.


A Word About High Notes

The last few weeks have been particularly taxing for those of us - on both sides of the aisle - who care deeply about this country. And I don't see things looking up anytime soon. So this is a self-imposed break. Listen to some great music, dig into a fantastic book, or get outside and enjoy what you love about the Land of Enchantment. For me, Taos has always beckoned.


This Saturday Evening @ The Museum

Click Here for Ticket Information


 36.4072° N, 105.5731° W

That would be Taos...

and a great spot to get away to this weekend.

  Check them Out HERE



  • B&B: Casa Gallina


                   Cluck Here

  • Hotel: Upgraded rooms at the TAOS Inn



                  Note to Diary : Not all rooms are created in, ask for one

                  of the recently upgraded


Breakfast: "The Northside Diner"  (aka Taos Diner)


                 Biscuits and burritos

Lunch: Orlando's


                 MENU of Northern New Mexican food


  • Common Fire


           On the road to the Ski Valley       MENU


  • Love Apple


  • Lambert's



  • Taos Country Club    


         On the south side of town near UNM - Taos

          Book tee times here


What does a Taos Dog Look Like?

Fido says: <<Buen viaje>>


In closing

THIS WEEK'S HOT TIP - $12 well spent

go for it