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Showing Up    May 11th, 2020

Showing Up May 11th, 2020

| May 11, 2020

Pictured above: We're Here for You!

ABQ Weather or Not


...The New Kid on the Block


Meet Daniela Manriquez. We didn't want to slip her into the group photo above without a proper introduction! Daniela joined us just as COVID-19 swept into NM and she hasn't missed a beat. Under the watchful eye of Petrita, she's been learning the ropes - and has been a quick study. It helps that she came from the banking industry with many of the skills we particularly value: organized, attention to detail, good communication, and problem solving . From our standpoint, we're seeing a willingness to follow directions and learn how we do things at Altus. We know from experience, that's priceless. Welcome aboard, Daniela.


COVID-19 Watch

We're now well into month two of The Time of Coronavirus and learning that regardless of when the Governor relaxes the recent shut-down, things are going to look a bit different going forward. This has been a period of adjustment, and it's been a time of sacrifice. For some, a nightmare and for others,  something of an overdue "reset button." For those of us here at Altus, it's pretty much "business as usual" with one glaring exception: WE MISS YOU! And yes, thank heaven for Skype and FaceTime and ZOOM, but we are looking forward to seeing y'all in person! We may not be able to pick up your call immediately, but you've seen: we're good about calling back pretty quickly and we appreciate your understanding. Please follow the "best practices" our governor has provided as our guidelines, stay healthy, safe and for now, masked - not only for your protection, but for the protection of others. New Mexico has been recognized nationally for "doing this right." Thank you for sticking with the program.



They come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have messages. Do you have a roll of ShopTowels in the garage? 1 sheet + 1 paperclip + 2 rubber bands + 2 staples = you're in business (top right). But for the sheer convenience of avoiding stretched out elastic or getting your hair caught in a tie, this is pretty swell:

We have many days ahead when you'll be wearing a mask to protect you and others - get creative and have some fun.




Warning: This is a committment (7 seasons) - and it probably helps if you have an interest in Vichy France. Oh - it also takes about half a season before the hook is set, but it's worth it. Why is everyone talking about a 2008 French miniseries? Because on April 6th, the NYT recommended 12 Foreign Films to watchduring our Stay-at-Homes and it was Numero Uno.



In a word: divine. In two: simply divine.




Mary Oliver's UPSTREAM - Selected Essays. I received this  over the weekend - a gift from one of my very favorite people. As the Christian Science Monitor comments: Upstream is a testament to a lifetime of paying attention, and an invitation to readers to do the same.”  I cannot wait to savor these essays. Mary Oliver is one of my heroes - and never more so than now when truth and sanctuary can be in short supply. She has beckoned me back, on so many occasions, to the natural world - opening a door for a truant always better for stepping through.

From her poem, Wild Geese: "Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine."  And I will tell you mine: January 17th, 2019 when Mary Oliver died at age 83.


iVote (and iWorry)

Way too much confusion out there about what New Mexicans were sent -if you haven't opened your envelope from the Secretary of State, you need to: if you didn't already request an ABSENTEE BALLOT from her portal, she's sent you an APPLICATION for an Absentee Ballot.You can fill it out and send it back OR you can request one easily at if your voter registration is up to date. Why is this important? Hint: Chevron has poured $350 mil into helping a handful of targeted incumbents retain their seats. The word is out - it's DINO: Democrat in Name Only and they are being challenged in the June 2nd Democratic Primary. 

Why do I vote in every election? Usually it's because not only is it my right, but I feel it's my responsibility as an American. This year? I'm voting for Truth and the future of our democracy. Your vote is your voice. Whatever your point of view, whatever your party affiliation, there are clear choices here and they need to be made. Please vote.




Articles of interest:

THE GUARDIAN (Irish support for Native American Covid-19 relief highlights historic bond)

KOAT   (Doctors Without Borders helping tribal communities struggling with pandemic)


Parting Words

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.

                                          - Mary Oliver