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Sacred Land, Sacred Water - Oct 15, 2018

Sacred Land, Sacred Water - Oct 15, 2018

| October 15, 2018

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This full length documentary is the story of science and citizens working together to resist the oil and gas lobby’s efforts to pass a fracking-friendly ordinance in Sandoval County, New Mexico - threatening the sole drinking water aquifer for over 800,000 residents of the greater Albuquerque area from Cochiti Lake to Belen.

This is not an anti-oil and gas protest. It is a film we all need to see and information we need to take in, if we are not already informed on this subject.

As a resident of Albuquerque's North Valley, I experience the beauty of nature every day - walking the ditch, watching geese feed in Open Space, looking above as birds make their way south along the Central Flyway, and listening to the yipping of coyote pups in the wee hours. But yesterday afternoon, instead, I watched a screening of Sacred Land, Sacred Water at the KiMo theater and learned just how ill-informed I was about the subsurface geology of the Rio Grande Basin (which stretches from Cochiti Lake to Belen)  and the impending threat to our drinking water and environmental resources if we are not successful in stopping fracking.

Friends in Sandoval County resisted efforts to pass the so-called "fracking-friendly ordinance"  all of last year and actually went home from a fateful Commission meeting, resigned to defeat. Thankfully commission members, with the invaluable assistance of Donald T. Phillips, studied the probable impact of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking on our active Rio Grande Rift and came to understand the disastrous and likely contamination of our aquifer, were it allowed.And that particular ordinance was defeated.

I want to be very clear: this is not a political issue - or, it really shouldn't be a political issue. This affects every one of us - we are all in it together. However, it becomes political when we are oblivious to the consequences of dark money influencing public policy in NM. If you will take 53 minutes to watch this film, I believe you will want to know where the candidates you are voting for in November stand on fracking - particularly your choices for County Commissioner, Public Land Commissioner, US Congress, US Senate, and Governor.

But it is not enough to be informed. We must use that knowledge to stand with the residents of Sandoval County, who will be voting on a new ordinance between now and the end of the year. It doesn't matter that we don't live in Sandoval County, we live downstream of whatever happens there and whatever happens in a worse-case scenario like fracking... is irreversible. How to Help

So please, watch this movie. I personally feel this is another responsibility we have as citizens and earth dwellers. Think of the people in Flint MI who cannot drink their water. You will see footage of methane gas coming out of the faucet and burning like a propane torch. This is serious stuff but together we can demand our water be protected and influence policy to ensure those protections.

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