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Municipal Elections - 20 Oct 2019

Municipal Elections - 20 Oct 2019

| October 21, 2019

Yes, it's that time of year again - and we urge you to vote!


ABQ Weather or Not

The Fall weather has arrived - time to fertilize those trees and plants that need it, and to turn on the heater in your bird bath so those little guys have water this winter. And while you're at it, maybe turn on a light in the pump house if you have a well. The trees are turning and cooler temps for sleeping are finally here. Note to Diary: Clocks don't get turned back until Nov. 3rd this year.


Local Elections At-a-Glance


1. From the Bernalillo County website:

2019 Regular Local Election - Nov. 5

Key Dates for the 2019 Local Election

  • October 8 – Absentee ballots will be mailed
  • October 8-18 – In-person absentee voting at Clerk’s Annex 1500 Lomas NW (M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • October 19 – Early Voting Begins Click here for locations. 
  • November 5 - Election Day (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.) Click here for locations.


2. View Your Sample Ballot

How to view a Sample Ballot
There are over 500 ballot types in Bernalillo County, and each sample ballot is specific to the voter’s precinct. To view your sample ballot, click the link below, then enter your name as it appears on your voter registration form and your full date of birth. When the information comes up, scroll down for an option to view your own sample ballot. 

 CLICK HERE     for details. 

Once you enter the required information, you will be able to view:

  • Your voter registration information
  • Your voting locations
  • Your sample ballot*
  • Your absentee application and ballot status
  • Your county clerk’s contact information

Your SAMPLE BALLOT is the 3rd option on the left:

To find out more about the City Council candidates,CLICK HERE for details.

You can also google the candidates and go to their websites or visit this website:

to access their 2019 Voter Guide to Municipal Election.  You'll find a variety of helpful links that will provide you with just about anything you need to know concerning this election.

Do your homework before you enter the voting booth.


This is Important - Proposition 2

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