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Mid-week buZZ

Mid-week buZZ

| May 18, 2016
Altus Wealth Management


XUAN CHEN: EMPTY AND FULL from April 22 through May 27th




Sometimes you just want to fall asleep under the stars - this is definitely not the totally cool Essential EZ Bed [think "FRONTGATE"], but it still has a certain  je ne sais quoi . Maybe it's just remembrance of days gone by, or dreams of summer camp, but this little pup is going to look nifty on the back porch, or with some pillows and a throw as a day bed - I can almost smell the balsam and hear the loons...

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From my fave YouTubes Collection...

You Clip!   Don't miss this - you'll never look at a binder clip the same way again!  

NOTE TO DIARY - tuck this away for future consideration:

FOR THE KIDS: Chasing the Marfa Lights....


After reading numerous self-published accounts of being blinded, chased by, and even galactically transported by the Marfa lights, I couldn't resist a visit. I definitely saw them, but only because an Air Force colonel was there with his nephew and showed me exactly where to look. Call us before you is definitely a GIANT experience! Great bookstore, a few good restaurants, javelinas on the golf course, Donald Judd's Chinati...and lots of Pirandello-like characters breezing by. [If camping doesn't blow your skirt up, there's The Paisano Hotel and the new and uber-cool HotelSaintGeorge].

Definitely in the  "BIGLY" category.