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Getting a Jump on Summer    2017-05-30

Getting a Jump on Summer 2017-05-30

| May 30, 2017



Summertime, and the livin' is easy...




You know that feeling when you wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning and realize it's the weekend? Or maybe the promise of a blank sheet of paper if you're a writer? A blank canvas for the artist? Fresh tilled earth for the farmer or watching the foundation being laid on the house you've designed. Whatever blows your particular skirt up, that's how I feel about SUMMER. Why does the mere mention of it make us smile?

7 Reasons Summer Makes People Feel Good

1. Sunshine Chemically Lifts Your Spirits

Thanks to summer’s stronger sunlight and the extra hours in the day to soak it up, you’re more likely to float through the day feeling energized and optimistic. It has to do with serotonin, a hormone that’s been dubbed the “happiness hormone” by scientists. When your body absorbs UV light, it produces more serotonin, and that pumps your mood.

Remember:  if you plan on being outdoors for more than 10 minutes at a stretch, be sure to slather sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on any exposed skin, so you don’t ruin your happiness haze with a painful sunburn.

2. The “School’s-Out” Mindset of Childhood Still Lingers

Since kindergarten, many people have been conditioned to think of summer as a break from routine and responsibility. And this “school’s-out” mindset carries over into adulthood, where many offices offer employees shorter hours and casual Friday dress codes. “Even though the work world operates year-round and responsibilities don’t suddenly cease, we reflexively feel more carefree during the summer months, like we did when we were kids.” 

3. Being in Nature Reduces Stress 

We all feel calmer and more relaxed when we're surrounded by nature - a bike ride through a park, strolling along the beach or just inhaling the aroma of flowers in bloom makes us feel less stressed and more serene.

4. Organized Holidays Offer Freedom

In many countries, summer provides official holidays and extended vacations to enjoy. It’s also graduation and wedding season — two milestones typically honored with ceremonies and parties. “All that good cheer makes us feel optimism and joy for the future.” .

5. Breaking a Sweat Boosts Bliss-Producing Endorphins

Another consequence of good weather: You’re less likely to blow off a jog, bike ride or other activity. And research shows that increasing your heart rate revs the production of mood-boosting endorphins (the mechanism behind the “runner’s high”). Even if you don’t take part in a specific activity, summer sets up the perfect conditions to move around in less constructed but equally bliss-inducing ways (e.g., spending the afternoon gardening, playing tug-of-war at a family picnic, etc.).

6. Social Interactions Are Easier

Backyard barbecues, pool parties, company picnics, al fresco dinner parties … summer offers plenty of opportunities for socializing. “The pleasant weather and relaxed vibe help bring people out of isolation and gives us the chance to interact and connect.”

7. Small Indulgences Are Everywhere

Trashy beach books. Trips to the ice-cream-shop. Afternoons spent lazing on a blanket or hammock. “Summertime is about taking time to smell the roses, so to speak, and giving yourself license to indulge a little without guilt."

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Speaking of Endorphins

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