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Election 2020 - Be Prepared   14 Sept 2020

Election 2020 - Be Prepared 14 Sept 2020

| September 14, 2020 is the Official website of the Office of the NM Secretary of State


ABQ Weather or Not

Enjoy it while it lasts - these are  pretty much those perfect Fall temperatures that we've come to expect in mid-September. While our friends on the east and west coasts are battling the challenges of Climate Change, so far, we've been exceptionally fortunate. The days are getting shorter, so as they say, Make hay while the sun shines!


Linda Stover has something to tell you...

She will begin mailing Absentee Ballot REQUEST forms TODAY.

___________________________________________________________ - The A-Z of Voting

Just like it says, you can register to vote, update your voter registration, request your Absentee ballot and CHECK your current Voter information online at this handy one-stop-shopping website. And once you request your Absentee Ballot, because of the nifty barcode they're now using, you can track your ballot.

There are A LOT of Absentee Ballot request forms that have probably already found their way to you and if you've completed and returned one, we hope it was a valid form. You should verify this with your County Clerk or by calling 243-VOTE.

IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY REQUESTED AN ABSENTEE BALLOT: The County Clerk's Office will begin sending them out today.  BUT why not just go to and request one online? You will put less stress on USPS and once you've requested it, you'll be able to track it online (including your initial request).  

ABSENTEE BALLOTS will be mailed to those who have requested a ballot, beginning October 6th.


What Else Should You Know? 

September 14, 2020
September 19, 2020 Sample ballots will be available online to view and download.
October 6, 2020
  • Clerks begin mailing absentee ballotsto voters who have requested them.
  • Books close for online and paper voter registration.
  • Absentee Voting Begins
  • In-person Absentee Voting and Same Day Registration (SDR) begin at Clerk’s Annex (Oct. 6-16, 2020, M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
October 17-31, 2020Early Voting and SDR (Click for locations) M-S, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
October 20, 2020 – Deadline for clerk to receive a mailed absentee ballot application
October 27, 2020 – Recommended final day for voter to mail absentee ballot
November 3, 2020 – Election Day 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Do You Have a Question? 

Call 243-VOTE 


VOTING - from where I sit...

Voter turn-out:

Let's see how this Election-of-our-lifetime actually shakes out.

  • Three days ago it was reported that the US had the biggest drop (along with Hungary and Brazil, the only 3 countries in the word to drop) in an index that measures well-being. To talk about American exceptionalism seems a bit of a stretch - at least when it comes to our #28 ranking on the Social Progress Index.The index looks at 50 well-being metrics, among them healthcare, education, safety, freedom, and the environment. There are some disturbing findings - not the least of which is that while we rank #1  for access to advanced education, we are at #91 for access to quality basic education.

  • Why did only 60.2% of the voting - eligible population bother to vote in 2016? Even in 2008, considered a banner year, the figure was only 62.2%.  This is not a COVID-19 malaise, this is pure apathy.

  • How do other countries look in terms of voter turnout? A few examples: 

Belgium: 87.21%

Sweden: 82.61

Netherlands: 77.31%

Mexico: 65.97%

We ranked #26 among most developed countries.

  • Rx Check:  Almost 25 million adults have been taking antidepressants for at least 2 years, a 60% increase since 2010. Moreover, approximately 15.5 million individuals have been taking the drugs for at least 5 years, nearly doubling the rate since 2010.  Is this why we aren't voting? Because we're depressed?

  • The average life of an empire is 250 years. Are we nearing our expiry date?

And closer to home:

  • 1 in 3 NM children now suffers from hunger

I think it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. For all the talk today of transparency and accountability, maybe we need to take a look inward and examine our own culpability in the State of the Union. This is not a pretty sight.

Let's begin with education - this is where it begins and right now we have Betsy DeVos steering the boat. Think about that. Think about how teachers across America, those individuals to whom you entrust the minds of your children, have responded to Ms. DeVos.

How about if we added critical thinking to our education agenda, the art of compromise to our political gridlock, and adequate public housing to stabilize our homeless, and adequate behavioral health resources for our mentally ill, and addicts? Could we at least begin to right the Ship of State?

Too ambitious? Okay, let start small: VOTE. Imagine if we had substantial turnout - to the extent that our elected officials actually felt beholden to representing all of their constituents. Could we begin building a government that worked for the good of all?  If everyone voted, maybe they'd realize they were  stakeholders in this Democracy ... for the People, by the People.... is something every voting-eligible member of your household and circle of acquaintances should visit. Check your voter status. Not registered? REGISTER.  The information is incorrect, you've moved and never bothered to correct it? UPDATE IT. Wrong party? CHECK. It's not okay not to vote. Voting is a right - and with it comes responsibility. Could all the responsible adults in the room make sure they and those they care about vote?

Please note: I am not suggesting how you vote. That's up to you. But I think we have a bit of work to do before we can "make America great again". Maybe just keep it simple: Make America Think Again. And let that guide your decision.

Your vote is your voice - why not use it to speak up?