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"The torch; be yours to hold it high" - 3 Dec 2018

"The torch; be yours to hold it high" - 3 Dec 2018

| December 03, 2018


The title of this week's post is taken from the final stanza of the John McCrae poem, In Flanders Fields


ABQ Weather or Not


From where I sit

With the midterms behind us and the Holiday Season almost upon us, there's a small but welcome window to consider the past and the future - sort of what we may have  learned and how to use it going forward. For many this might occur a bit later, as a run-up to New Year's Resolutions. This isn't about making a list for year-end charitable giving, and not so much about New Year's resolutions...rather it's an opportunity - at least for me - to think beyond oneself, to view our actions through a lens that examines their impact on the future, and to examine how I am/can be a responsible and contributing member to our community (family, Albuquerque, NM, US, world, planet - however one defines their community) This seems like a worthwhile pursuit, given the issues that confront us.

We live in such a vibrant country, full of possibility and opportunity - it's a tremendous gift and an even greater responsibility. Not only during this holiday season, but every day. Let's give free rein to our better selves -  let's exhibit kindness, mindfulness, generosity and understanding - particularly to those among us who are less fortunate, and to those who may have been left to feel they stand outside our culture. 




41st President of the United States

6.12.1924 - 11.30.2018

Much has been written about this one-term president and decorated war hero, and between now and his burial on Thursday, there will be much more. We may each have our personal opinions about his presidency, but it impossible to ignore the example set by "Poppy" as a dedicated public servant, who served as a fighter pilot in WWII, in the US House for Texas' 7th Congressional  District, as Ambassador to the UN, Chairman of the RNC, Chief Envoy to China, Director of the CIA, Vice President of the United States for 8 years under Ronald Reagan, and as the 41st President of the US from 1989-1993. He's been called "the Last Gentleman," I hope he's not to last of a breed.

This is  a delightful glimpse of "41."  Read it - I hope you agree.

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(Source: FastCompany). A short and interesting article, with good links.

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We have achieved so much over the past 75 years, but are we better off? It is the corporation that drives American business and determines, for most, our quality of life. Can't we do better? 

A post WWII vision for  American Prosperity

William Benton, Co-founder Benton & Bowles

Read the NYT Opinion piece HERE



I call this one "backing into a good read." This profile on Daniel Mason (see HERE) prompted this week's recommendation:

From the Washington Post review : The beauty of Daniel Mason’s new novel, “The Winter Soldier,” persists even through scenes of unspeakable agony. That tension reflects the span of his talent. As a writer, Mason knows how to capture the grace of a moment; as a doctor, he knows how wrong things can go.

And just about everything goes wrong for Lucius....

(Available, like virtually everything, at amazon or put a hold on it at your Rio Grande Valley Library)



This week in Albuquerque

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Happiness is a ....cold puppy?

This gem belongs to Majdah 

Meet Opal - yup, hard to find those golf balls in this weather, pal.


Take some time for yourselves this week