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The Fall   -   28 Sept 2020

The Fall - 28 Sept 2020

| September 28, 2020

Pictured above:  RBG, her final day at the Court


ABQ Weather or Not

Pretty swell weather ahead! We're usually gearing up for the Balloon Fiesta at just about this time. As you know, it's been cancelled - however this from last week's ABQ Journal:

This year’s October sky may be more than blue after all.

Although COVID-19 prompted cancellation of the 2020 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque officials say they are working to get some balloons in the air anyway with a new event they have dubbed Balloon Fall Fest. The city has invited local pilots to participate in a series of scattered launches at city golf courses and parks from Oct. 3 to 11. The launches will be closed to the public.


Don't like the Movie? Change the reel.

That's kind of how I feel about 2020 - but maybe 4's (as in quarters)a charm...

A few ideas to cut through the ennui:


ALL's NOT LOST - a great alternative to a complete cancel

More information, and pls. consider a donation


So here's a three season French TV series that has been recommended by friends and family who want to convince me the Hallmark Channel needn't be my only refuge when I need some light-hearted distraction. And, for those of you who may have taken an earlier pick of the week, A FRENCH VILLAGE, apparently we'll see some "old friends." Available on NETFLIX, I'm in!


 some background

Kyle Mills continues with Vince Flynn's creation - another great Mitch Rapp tale. And apparently three more in the offing.



  • Second Wave - experts worry of a second surge, as COVID cases rise in 21 states - more here
  • November Election - The Atlantic's warning shot by Barton Gellman - read more
  • The President's Taxes - with mounting financial pressures, someone's not happy these have found the light of day (read more here)
  • The Nominee- Will the SCOTUS nomination rue her earlier words also ? Is there also a Roe v. Wade recusal in her future, if she makes the cut?
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court's Feminist Icon, is Dead at 87 - read more here (and tributes from her fellow Justices)


SCIENCE- BASED information

You might want to read up a bit on this year's Flu and Flu Season - if we've learned something in the last 6 months, it is to visit the CDC website when we want the straight story on viruses and the flu.

Please click here for any encyclopedic amount of info


A Day in the Life...

A Golden Doodle named Ruthy. Isn't she adorable?


Parting Shot - Somewhere in Abq

Safe and secure? Good to know.