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A word about our fees...


We understand that fees can be an important consideration for some investors when choosing a financial advisor. Fortunately, with today’s emphasis on transparency, no one should feel uncomfortable in discussing this subject and asking any questions they may have. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

First of all, our fees aren’t arbitrary. Just as we consider our clients, not their funds, our most important assets, we consider you, rather than the magnitude of your financial assets, when determining our fees. Some advisors use a boiler plate fee schedule; for our purposes this type of grid is irrelevant.

At Altus, we consider what will be required of us to provide both the level of management and service both you and your assets deserve. Some people’s financial lives are more complex than others. Some clients want or require more of our time than others. And while a client may feel perfectly comfortable meeting with us annually rather than quarterly, that doesn’t impact our day-to-day management of their portfolio, nor the fact that we will still contact them however often the need arises.

We base our fees on who you are, the nature of your assets, your individual needs, and our experience.

What does that mean to you? From the get-go, you can expect thoughtful and skilled consideration of you and your assets, and abiding fairness from us. We can tell you this: as far as your fee is concerned, we have a track record to getting it right the first time.  But rest assured, were we to have misread the scope of our work or have overestimated the time you or your portfolio require, we’ll be the first to admit to it and adjust accordingly.  Prontísimo.