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Online Client Account Access

As an Altus Wealth Management client, you have access to as many as three online account portals. Chances are you’ll only want one or two, but before you decide, let’s look at your options.

Account Access 24/7/365 from anywhere: With a username and password, NetXinvestor, Albridge and eMoney all provide the convenience of online account access. However the scope of the accounts varies from Cetera accounts held at Pershing,  to those + certain accounts held at both mutual fund and insurance companies, to eMoney -  the only choice that lets you see everything in one place and offers the convenience of a secure vault to upload, download and hold important documents and papers.

Setting you up on the portal(s) that you choose – and answering any questions you have – is just a phone call away. Call (505) 977-2000 and ask for Jacob Autry, our client technology liaison.


NETXinvestor allows you access to Pershing account information and to view statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents online. This is also how (and the only way) to sign up for Go Paperless for Pershing statements, confirms, tax documents and prospectuses. Please note: Requires online identity verification, selecting security questions and securing of PIN information by client.


This can happen for several reasons, but it's easy to get back in:  Call 1-888-406-5444 (NetXClient HELP) 

The Albridge portal allows you access to Pershing, mutual fund companies, and variable annuity account information and the ability to generate reports based on account values as of the previous day’s close. We ask you to choose a Username, and when we have set up your account, we send you a temporary password and link. It’s a snap!



In addition to access to all accounts held at Pershing and elsewhere (where Majdah is the assigned broker of record), eMoney  ["emX"can give you a consolidated view of everything you own (e.g., your 401(k), bank accounts, insurance policies, etc) and everything you owe (credit card balances, mortgage and other loans, etc), updated daily. It’s up to you how complete you want your financial picture to be. In addition, you’ll have unlimited access to a secure electronic vault where your most valuable records are safe, accessible, and for-your-eyes-only private folders.   Please note: We will set up your personal website with all the accounts we hold or for which we are the broker of record. For the rest, we can set up an appointment and either show you how to add “outside” accounts or do it with you.

eMoney employs the most advanced security features to date. Your money cannot be moved, withdrawn, or accessed in any way. For additional security, your account will be locked after three consecutive failed login attempts. And, regardless of activity, your password  must be reset once per year.

If you ever have difficulty accessing your emX account, don’t worry. Simply give us a call: we'll reset your password immediately and instructions will be sent to the email address of record. 

You'll be back in business within minutes.

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Please note:

  • Before you attempt logging in to any of these portals for the first time, be sure you have spoken with Jacob Autry to get a green light.
  • Once you're set up, each of the  logos above have "hotlinks" - simply click on the appropriate logo and you'll be directed to that portal's login page.